360 Advanced SMUVVEFREEZE® - The Fat Freeze Above The Rest

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360 Advanced SMUVVEFREEZE® - The Fat Freeze Above The Rest

360 Advanced SmuvveFreeze®

SmuvveFREEZE® is suitable for those whom wants to lose fats in targeted area. However, SmuvveFREEZE® is not a weight loss treatment to assist you on your weight loss issue. Our treatment focus on assisting clients to reduce fats cells on unwanted areas such as outer/inner thighs, abdomen, double chin or upper arm.
It may be confusing to hear that reducing fat is not similar to losing weight. It is all about what happens to fat cells. When you lose weight, you only make your fat cells smaller instead of making it go away. When you gain weight it future, the fat cells just gets bigger. Your numbers of fat cells does not change. When you control your diet and exercise regularly, your fat cells will shrink and you will be in a more sculpted shape. However, when you stop these healthy habits, the cells will expand and the unwanted bulges will appear again. SmuvveFREEZE procedure actually reduces the treated area by 20% - 25%. These fat cells will be naturally processed and eliminated so they will not be migrated to other parts of the body.
Results will not be dramatically big compared to liposuction or other invasive procedures. However, SmuvveFREEZE® treatment is pain free and risk free solution to reduce unwanted fats on your body. Furthermore, there are no down times which makes this technology well loved in the market!
Each session of SmuvveFREEZE® Treatment will take approximately 35 to 55 mins. Our trained aestheticians will be guiding you throughout this process. For the number of sessions it is depending on individual clients. Our trained aestheticians will assess your results from the previous treatment to ensure that you are ready for the next treatment. There is no limit on the numbers of SmuvveFREEZE treatment that can be performed on the particular area; however, it is essential that there are residual fats as subcutaneous fat can be drawn into the applicator as well. Our clients whom purchased the lifetime package can be rest assured that our aestheticians will be there to guide you along the way to ensure a safe treatment with us!
The recommended treatment interval is approximately 4-8 weeks. Its is essential to have an interval in between as your body will take some time to naturally eliminate the fats. If there are still excess fats that persist, you can continue to do SmuvveFREEZE® Treatment. We have clients whom seen extremely good results within 2 session and some which require more treatment sessions. Our trained aestheticians will be evaluating the area to determine if it is optimal to do more treatments on the same area. As such, with the perks of our Lifetime Unlimited Area Flexiplan, you can choose between different areas without pay over and over again! Pay once, Freeze them all!
Commonly in the market, you will be charged per session and it can be as high as $400-$500 per session. (Not including the traditional fat freeze which is not an apple to apple comparison). Furthermore, a full treatment would cost you around $1.5k - $2k or more for an area. With Smuvve, we always ensure our clients enjoys the best treatment at the best rate! For our lifetime unlimited area SmuvveFREEZE®, you can do as much area as you like along the way without any additional charges! You can be sure you can continue doing until the day when you do not have any unwanted bulges!
After the treatment, fat cells that are destroyed will be destroyed completely and removed by the body as waste. In short, your body digest them. When the fat cells are removed, they do not enter your body again. How SmuvveFREEZE® works is that it targets specific stubborn fat cells that is immune to diet and exercising. However, if you do not maintain a healthy lifestyle or excessive eating, the remaining fat cells may be triggered and expand to compensate and you will see your unwanted bulges again.
No downtime
Minimal amount of treatment needed for each area which visible results are shown
Non-surgical & Non-invasive
Safe treatment & controlled cooling

Those whom have been with us long enough would know we provide the most advanced services at the best rate in town. The biggest advantage would be the cost savings you will receive! We offer your the latest SmuvveFREEZE® lifetime unlimited area which you can have the flexibility to choose treatments to be done at different areas at only one cost! No expiry date and no lapse period!
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